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Restaurant Purchasing Solutions specializes in providing personalized purchasing services to local & regional chains as well as to those chains entering new markets. RPS works with your staff to source new products for R&D initiatives and to insure competitive pricing on all key products. We also provide distribution program negotiation and ongoing management.


Our extensive background in restaurant management and operations gives us the ability to see things from your perspective allowing us to work together to achieve your long term purchasing goals. Restaurant Purchasing Solutions has the ability to service chains that are both company and franchise driven. We customize our services to specifically address the different needs of company driven operations and franchised organizations.



Restaurant Purchasing Solutions Offers the Solution

RPS allows you to control the cost of goods from the manufacturer through the distribution channel and into your restaurants.


The System Allows You To:


Establish distributor actual cost


Eliminate most market prices


Control monthly order guide pricing


Control commodity driven purchases


Negotiate & verify freight costs


Every Distributor Has These Problems


You pay the higher prices resulting from poor distributor purchasing decisions, pricing errors and substitutions.


Higher product costs are often due to bad timing on commodity purchases and orders placed weekly in higher priced brackets versus those placed monthly in lower priced brackets.


Freight plays a huge role in product cost! Distributor backhauls are often charged at higher rates than common carrier or manufacturer direct freight.


Weekly Market Pricing is often used for products that are contracted or with a shelf life that easily covers the fixed 30 day pricing period.


A Proven System for Controlling Costs

We use a computerized system of evaluation and verification to analyze and control cost. The human subjective component of the Restaurant Purchasing Solutions system is the unique facet that makes the program successful.


The combination of man and machine offers you unparalleled results!


Prices to your units are guaranteed to be lower and remain lower as long as we manage your program.



Our Guarantee

We absorb the start up costs associated with development and implementation of your RPS program.


If we are unable to provide you with a comprehensive distribution program that delivers savings, you do not accept it and we receive no compensation at all.


There are no contracts to sign.

We remain involved in your business as long as we continue to make a contribution to your bottom line.



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